An armed Zombie Chihuahua walks into a Gamestop in Texas…

Zombie Chihuahua Derek Poe decided to make a statement and walk through a mall with an AR-15.  The publicity stunt was timed to increase awareness for an open carry freedom walk scheduled later in the month.  So once again we see these mongrels strut around with their little stiffies in hand (oh and their guns as well) pretending that life is a video game and praying to their God, the devine NRA, so that someday, if they are good little zombies, they will be able to shoot real people instead of fake ones in a game.

And this is not about violence in video games, it’s about re-enforcing violence in fragile minds and then giving them weapons so they can feel important and powerful.  This is the kind of thing we have seen ad nauseam in the 3rd world.  We have seen children and the weak and the weak minded in Ethiopia, Uganda, El Salvador and the Central African Republic given guns and told where to march, who to threaten, who to torture and who to kill.  In the US it just happens to be the weapons industry brainwashing the feeble minded into thinking anyone who is not like them is the enemy.

Zombie Chihuahuas kill innocents, then blame big government.

Zombie Chihuahuas continue to shoot and kill innocent US civilians, then threaten, growl, spit, drool and snarl at anyone who mentions “logic”, “reason”, “maturity”, “discourse”, “discussion”, “debate” or “intelligence” in regards to gun control.  Then, after a hard day threatening and killing, our morally handicapped, snarling undead curl up in their basements with their arsenals and dream of killing more innocents and possibly, someday, if they are good little zombies, a black Democratic US President.

These National Rifle Association (NRA) mongrels are the attack dogs of the Rabid Chihuahuas and they work together like pack hunting animals to destabilize the US and make it easier to bring that Zombie Apocalypse that they have wet dreams about every night.

Zombie Chihuahuas make death threat against US President Obama.

Norquist’s Snarlin’ Darlin’s have one up’ed themselves and posted a death threat on Facebook against US President Obama.  Apparently, this is the drooling sideshow freak wing of the rabid chihuahuas as the teapublicans have not (yet) gone so far as to make open threats against their President.  In this post, these morally retarded mongrels say, “We now have the authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him.”

Hmmm, that got me thinking.  What would happen if a progressive environmental group were to say something bad, not even against the President, but just against a corporation that is currently destroying public and private lands?  We already know what would happen because it has happened many times over.  That group would be put on a terrorist watch list and would be punished without benefit of any US rule of law.  But the Zombie Chihuahuas are given free reign to threaten US citizens, and even the US President without so much as a peep from the authorities.


teapublicans cost the US 24 billion in 16 days, must be a record.

The teapublican shut down of the US government has cost taxpayers 24 billion USD in just 16 days, or 1.5 billion a day.  The Iraq war cost the US (very roughly) about 12 billion a MONTH in 2008 (.4 billion a day) or 7.3 billion a MONTH (.24 billion a day) in 2009, so the US teabaggers have become more expensive on a daily basis to the American people than the Iraq war.

When negotiating with terrorists does not work.

The US Federal Democrats seem to think they will be able to “compromise” and come to some sort of understanding with the teapublicans, but they are overlooking one vital bit of information.  The teapublican terrorists have already accomplished what they set out to do.  They have shut down government and will soon destroy the economy.  This is what they have wanted from the start.  They don’t care about budgets or deficits.  If they did they would have attacked AWOL and Buckshot during the hyper-gubmint-expansion of the Bush Jr. years.  No, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the budget or deficit spending.  It’s about destroying the US so they can rebuild in their own image.  Quite obvious really, as they have never bothered to keep it a secret.  And yet the US Federal Democrats act surprised at every step when dealing with the terrorists.

Rabid Chihuahuas hunt down disabled US Vets.

The Teapublicans have continued smearing their feces all over the faces of the US citizenry and have added disabled US military vets to the list of people they want to hunt down and shit on.  Seems it’s not enough that they want to defecate all over the poor, sick and everyone in the lower and middle class, but they have decided to bring to the forefront their hatred of disabled US military vets.  Hundreds of thousands of vets have been feeling the pain of the teapublican’s hatred of them for years now, because some of them might not vote Teabagger.  But now even more will suffer needlessly because of the sociopaths that have bought their way into government.

The shit analogy may seem hyperbole to some, but thinking people will understand that the shit analogy is being very nice to them.  They are doing more damage to the US as a whole than any small group of rich white males have done in 150 years.  And, unfortunately, the damage they do will adversely affect the rest of the globe for decades to come.

Which is exactly what the teapublicans have wanted all along.

Rabid Chihuahuas with little stiffies.

And the teapublicans now have what they’ve desperately wanted for years now.  They have hurt the people who did not, and will never, vote for their party.  Just happens that they have hurt every one else in the United States as well (except for the billionaires of course), but sometimes you have to blow up a chickenhouse in order to make an omelet, or something like that.

When the smoke clears and even the most idiotic American alive sees the full extent of the damage that the teapublicans have done to them, there might possibly be a reckoning.  But by then, the teapublicans will have stroked their little stiffies, cum all over the Constitution, shit on the Bill of Rights and walked away, their pockets bulging with corporate cash.

And the world gets a front row seat to watch the United States get flushed down the toilet by a small group of rich white bigots.

teapublicans stomp their foot and call everyone a Doodyhead

The teapublicans have stomped their foot, twice because they REALLY mean it, then made a mean face at the Democrats, who were too busy primping and fussing in the mirror to notice.

And on that note, the United States closes up shop again.  And the country gets to sit back and watch the teapublicans show the world that malice really doesn’t make the mainstream media news unless you have a serious dose of debilitating stupidity thrown in for good measure.

teapublicans were for it before they were against it before they were for it.

I think if President Obama could ever make up his mind about what he wants to do in Syria, the teapublicans might actually be able to settle on what is wrong with his decision.  Doesn’t matter what decision he settles on because the teapublicans are mentally incapable of agreeing with him and will find fault in whatever he does.

What the Syria issue has done is make it plain to anyone paying attention that the teapublicans cannot think for themselves anymore.  Hive mind, lock step, however you want to say it, they have lost (ney, freely given up) the ability to think or reason or process information in any logical way.  Kind of sad really, to see a group of people willingly give up their humanity to become just a piece of a malicious weapon, the sole purpose of which is to destroy the country they pretend to be defending.  But, that is the most efficient way to kill something, from the inside.

Of poodles and chihuahuas.

The Big 2 US political parties have become little more than the stereotypical dysfunctional marriage with the abusive father and co-dependent mother and the citizens playing the part of the children, and it is virtually impossible for them as a whole to do anything productive or good.  In fact, the US as a whole has become an economic, social and moral drag on the rest of the globe.  An animated anchor, thrashing about, trying to take as many other countries down with them as possible.  The US has repeatedly proven its inability to lead or progress in its highly visible failures.  From failed economic policies that accelerate the accumulation of wealth into the hands of the 1%, to the failed justice system that gives more rights and power to inanimate objects than to physical people, to failed security policies that give corporations control over the personal security and privacy of US citizens.

There are still good things being done in the US, and the value of those good things only increases with the increase in cost of the failures.  People are still able to take on corporate interests to some degree.  People are still able to open and run businesses that are socially responsible.  People are still able to speak out against corporate power and influence in government.  These are very important things and their value has increased exponentially as corporate power and wealth has increased.  These good things that people do, are being done against the political tide of the republican tea party and with little more than whining and hand wringing from the Democratic party.  These hard working, tax paying citizens (actual real physical people, not the cheap imaginary ones) have to be the adults here and have to take control of the mongrels in congress.  The pampered and puffy poodles and rabid chihuahuas have chewed up the furniture, pissed on the carpet and shit on their master’s favorite chair and those hard working adults need to come home, lock those mongrels in the back yard and never let them back in the house.

Only after the people take control of those rabid chihuahuas and pampered poodles, will they have the opportunity to stop the republican tea party from flushing the US down the toilet.

Don’t dumb it down.

The Obama administration desperately wants to put a noose around Bradley Manning’s neck and to rendition Snowden to some 3rd world torture chamber, which appears to be all the reason some people need to treat them as heroes.  Unfortunately, that oversimplification does great disservice to what they have actually accomplished (and given up for us).  Granted, the US government (as well as many others in the world) abuse secrecy to dangerous and devastatingly stupid levels.  Also, the US government has given the NSA more power over its own people than it should ever have.  And the NSA has not in the past 20 years shown itself able to self regulate any better than a spoiled toddler alone in a candy store.  That said, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden both knowingly broke laws to do what they did.  They each saw the need to break those laws in order to shine bright lights on very dark places in the U.S..  That is what makes them heroes.  Not the fact that they turned over classified information, but that they did so knowing that they would most likely be punished severely for what they’d done.  Manning will get the most that the military can throw at him and will most likely never see the outside of a prison for the rest of his young life.  Snowden, if he is not captured and renditioned, will live with little to no money in constant fear of being caught.  All to shine that light for the rest of us.

That’s what makes them heroes, that they have given up so much for us.